3Novices:North American exodus at PetroChina sparks speculation of company shift

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A flurry of departures across the U.S. and Canadian units of Chinese state energy firm PetroChina Co Ltd have sparked speculation that the oil trader is reducing its presence in North America, even though the company says it is committed to the region.

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3Novices:Pepper the robot can perform funerary rites, but it shouldn’t

 It’s not really clear just what “humanoid” robots are actually for. I’ve seen them do all kinds of things, but almost none of them well; at our recent Robotics event in Boston, several leading experts in the field questioned their necessity. But we grew up with Data and Robby and Cylons, and so now we have Pepper. Performing funeral rites for cash-strapped people in Japan. Read More

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3Novices : Matt LeBlanc Explains Turning Down Modern Family Role

Matt LeBlanc and Ty Burrell

Matt LeBlanc explains why he turned down the role of Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. It’s not really too surprising that the producers of Modern Family would have been interested in LeBlanc, as fellow sitcom icon Ed O’Neill ended up joining the cast, so its clear that TV veterans were on the radar as far as casting went. LeBlanc had even worked with O’Neill during several guest appearances on Married with Children, so both being cast would have been a reunion of sorts.

While LeBlanc has been acting regularly in Hollywood since the late ’80s, he is, of course, best known for playing the lovable yet not too bright …

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