3Novices : Thank You for Your Service Trailer: Miles Teller Has PTSD

Thank You For Your Service Miles Teller Featured Image

The first trailer for Thank You For Your Service has finally arrived. While appearing in more comedic and/or mainstream efforts like War Dogs, the Divergent films, and Fantastic Four over the past few years, Miles Teller has been consistently starring multiple different awards contenders alongside them. Teller’s career reached a turning point when he starred in Damien Chazelle’s critically-acclaimed 2014 psychological musical drama Whiplash, which announced him as a talent to be taken seriously, despite a long string of lesser studio outings leading up to it.

While Teller has yet to receive quite the level of acclaim again that he did with Whiplash, the actor briefly entered into the awards buzz last year for his work on Bleed For This, where he played real-life World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza. And this year, it looks as though Teller may be turning out one of his more complex and emotionally resonant performances to date, with the military …

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