3Novices : DCEU’s Wonder Woman Has Her Father’s Power?

[WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Wonder Woman]

Just when you thought you knew it all when it comes to Wonder Woman, the DCEU goes and gives her a new, secret superpower. And thanks to the latest Justice League trailer, we think that power (and its source) can finally be confirmed. It arrives after months of dissecting Wonder Woman trailers as more and more of her DCEU origin story was revealed – leaving plenty of room to read between the lines. Officially, the DCEU version of Wonder Woman will share the same parents as her New 52 counterpart… but this time around, she’s getting new superpowers because …

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3Novices : 15 Ways Deadshot Is Better Than Deadpool

Deadshot and Deapool Face Off

We’re not trying to pick a fight or anything, but Deadshot has the drop on Deadpool.

If you’re looking for humor, hang with Wade Wilson. If you want to see the human body heal after a beat-down, watch Deadpool. If you’re interested in substance, and a character who has room to evolve, look no further than Floyd Lawton. The man behind the laser-eye mask is the finest shot the world of comics has ever seen. When he cracks jokes, he earns the punchline. Heroes and villains alike respect him. Why? Because he’s one of them, an anti-hero who has led the Suicide Squad, fought on the Secret Six, and solidified his …

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3Novices : Justice League Trailer Hints At Steppenwolf’s Attack

[WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Justice League]

The dust has yet to settle from the Justice League trailer release, but already more and more details are being gleaned from the new footage – and the first ever appearance of the Justice League villain Steppenwolf may be one such moment… sort of. It’s not the kind of appearance or hint that most casual viewers would ever catch, but among the dozens of Justice League easter eggs and secrets teased in the trailer lies a glimpse of Apokoliptian technology.

How it’s delivered, what form it takes, and how it fits into the overall story is a bit of a guessing game so early on, …

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3Novices : Wolverine And Deadpool’s 14 Best Team-Ups (And Fights)

Wolverine Dresses Deadpool as Jean Grey in The Decoy

One is a happy-go-lucky, foul-mouthed prankster with a penchant for killing himself and a wrinkly avocado love child for a face. The other is, well, Wolverine. While they are both near invincible, can heal from virtually any wound, and enjoy dressing up in primary colors, the similarities mostly end there. Which means anytime you get James “Logan” Howlett and Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) in the same room, someone is definitely going to get stabbed in the face.

Like Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Turner and Hooch, and Jay-Z and Kanye, these two were made for one another. They might not always see eye to eye, and …

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3Novices : 17 Superheroes Who Hung Up Their Capes

Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America; legends who define heroism because they never give up, never surrender, never walk away. Except sometimes they do. Not because the opposition is too tough for them, but because their life has become too tough for them. After years of worrying about the needs of the many, they start to think about the needs of the one. It’s so hard to have a life when you’re constantly fighting crime — doesn’t a good guy like Peter Parker deserve a little happiness at last?

From a writer’s point of view, a hero quitting is a great source of drama. No matter whether they choose the many or the one, …

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3Novices : How Power Rangers 2017 Updates the Original Rangers

Power Rangers 2017 movie cast

Warning: SPOILERS for Power Rangers ahead

Power Rangers became a huge hit in the ‘90s, and is generally remembered with a sweet sense of nostalgia by those who grew up with it. While in essence it was a good show, there’s no denying that cheese was a major factor, especially in the early seasons. The costumes were dire, the monsters and special effects even worse, and the Rangers, when out of armor, were bland, uninteresting characters with little to no development.

The writing improved in later seasons, and the Rangers’ life outside of their suits was expanded upon. Even so, the Rangers were not necessarily relatable …

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3Novices : Thor: Ragnarok Art – Gladiator Hulk Fights with The God of Thunder

Hulk Thor Ragnarok

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just over a month from premiering in theaters, making it the first of three movies Marvel will put out in 2017. Although James Gunn’s follow-up to his comedic space opera and Spider-Man: Homecoming have received the bulk of the attention so far, Thor: Ragnarok has built up plenty of interest on its own. Taika Waititi is taking over directing duties following indie hits What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and will have more than just the god of thunder at his disposal.

Adding to the spectacle of the third Thor film, Marvel Studios has enlisted the help …

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