3Novices : 15 TV Shows You Didn’t Know Were Banned In Other Countries

Red Ranger Sheldon Doctor Who

Television shows undergo all manner of edits and revisions in their transition to other countries. Every nation has a different set of standards and values that imported entertainment must adhere to and be changed accordingly. For the most part, with the exception of series that were already controversial in their home country to begin with, TV shows tend to be permitted in other countries with sufficient editing.

The most common occurrence is that specific episodes of a TV show will be banned in a country, but not the entire series. The reasons for banning an episode are often obvious– sexual content, religious references, off-color humor, etc.– but sometimes …

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3Novices : Transformers: The Last Knight Explains Why Every Movie Is Set On Earth

Transformers: The Last Knight reveals the “secret history” of Transformers, and in doing so finally explains why all the movies have been set on Earth. This has been a major stickler for Michael Bay’s take on the toy-based franchise pretty much from the start; unlike the majority of Transformers material, which focuses heavily on Cybertron and the space setting, all of the master of mayhem’s films have been almost exclusively set on Earth, spending much more time on Shia LaBeouf’s romance issues as they have alien politics.

This hasn’t been without explanation; each movie had a Macguffin lost on our planet – the AllSpark, the Creation Matrix, …

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3Novices : Marvel’s Wolverine/Hulk Hybrid Has Arrived

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1

Marvel shocked comic fans when it was first announced, but the epic origin story of the Wolverine/Hulk hybrid has officially begun. For the unfamiliar, it’s a new creation of the Marvel Comics Universe combining the healing factor, heightened senses, and adamantium skeleton of Wolverine with the size, strength, rage – and presumably color – of the Incredible Hulk. A genetic experiment like that doesn’t come along every day, and in the case of Marvel Comics, the story has been turned into a summer-long event in its own rite, calling on the most famous faces of the former Weapon X program… …

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3Novices : The MCU’s [SPOILER] Becomes Marvel’s New Thor

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Mighty Thor #25

Marvel fans had theories about the identity of the new God of Thunder… but few guessed it would be Volstagg, the food-loving member of Thor’s ‘Warriors Three.’ And in case some fans familiar with his portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe think that means a jollier, more fun-loving star of The Mighty Thor, we have some bad news. Thanks to the latest issue of the series, readers know that Volstagg claims Mjolnir to bring a new kind of Thor – a War Thor – to the cosmos. The truly tragic part of the story is why he has …

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3Novices : Preacher Season 2 Will Expand Comic Book Storylines

Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper in Preacher

Preacher season 2 is going to feel a lot more like the comic, according to executive producer Sam Catlin. It’s news that will come as a relief to many fans of the original comic book series, after Preacher season 1 did something very unexpected. In many ways, the first season acts as a prequel to the comics themselves, introducing the golden trio of Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), but keeping them within the town limits of Annville for most of the season.

The season ended with these three finally getting on the road, which is where the comics begin, and from everything we’ve seen of …

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3Novices : Every Marvel Character You’ll See In Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War cast

It feels strange to think that, just ten years ago, people were still anxiously anticipating the release of Jon Favreau’s first Iron Man movie, unaware of how the blockbuster film would go on to affect not only future comic book movies, but the filmmaking industry as a whole. It was Marvel Studios’ first foray into movie production on their own, barring help from any major Hollywood studio (aside from their distribution partners) — and it turned out to be a huge success.

It wasn’t long after that The Incredible Hulk released, thereby establishing the shared universe that Marvel Studios has promised in Iron Man‘s …

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3Novices : Venom: Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Praises Tom Hardy

Although they may never meet on-screen, Tom Holland has nothing but praise for Tom Hardy’s casting as the villain Venom. Several years ago, Sony Pictures announced plans to expand The Amazing Spider-Man movies into their own cinematic universe. In addition to producing two more Amazing Spider-Man movies, the studio planned on developing spinoff movies based the character’s arch-nemesis, Venom, as well as the supervillain team Sinister Six. However, it wasn’t long after that the studio signed a landmark agreement with Marvel Studios to reboot Spidey within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At first, it seemed like Sony Pictures had abandoned plans to move forward with a Spider-Man universe, though that …

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